Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Skype Brings Improved Video Calling For OS X With an Update

Skype, one of the most advanced and free video calling software got updated for MAC OS X to improve the video calling quality on MAC OS X. User can download the new buildof Skype to get the better and enhanced quality of video calling from Skype.

Today’s latest release gives you improved video call stability and improvements to the calling interface. Please download the latest Skype for Mac to ensure you’re receiving the best quality from Skype on your Mac.

A part from all of this update of Video calling, OS X users can also see their Facebook news Feed via Skype with the help of Beta integration of Skype with Facebook. The Facebook support is in Beta so far with Skype. With the help of this Beta integration with Facebook, people can do video calls and use IM with the people on Facebook via Skype. This means that people using Facebook on Skype can do video calls and IM to their friends, Family or anyone who is using Facebook.

You can download the latest version of Skype from below

Download Skype for MAC OS X