Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Skype 5.4 Released For Mac OS X With Deep Facebook Integration

Skype has today announced a new beta version of its desktop client for Mac OS X, the new beta version is claimed to be carry the deep Facebook Integration into Skype desktop client, allows you to directly access on news feed, chat, and friends post, also allows you to comment and like the post. Today’s released Skype 5.4 for Mac OS X also allows you to connect your Facebook account directly with Skype account without even need of opening the Facebook website. You can get hands on the latest released Skype 5.4 For Mac from here.

Once you have done with establishing a connection between Facebook and your Skype account, you will see a number of Facebook tabs right in your desktop client, which allows you to filter the content and allows you to directly chat with your Facebook buddies right from the Skype client. Along with this new beta version, Skype has also release the new advertising platform, with which advertisers can setup ads according to the users some information, as its happening in the Windows Live Messenger.


Download Skype 5.4 Beta For Mac OS X