Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Skitch For iPad Releases In App Store

Many of you may have already seen this application in the Mac App Store for free download, or some beginning users might purchase this app.. However, the app named Skitch was firstly available on the Mac App Store and then acquired later by the infamous organization Evernote, which comes with aim to beat other cloud services. Evernote acquired the app in August and launches it again in the Mac App Store for free, and promised with their users that they will release the touch version of the app soon in near future.

A day before, the company successfully fulfills its promise and launched a touch version of the app in the App Store for iOS targeting the Apple the most famous tablet with having premier resolution and screen size. The application is now available in the App Store, and allows users to take notes, annotates and moreover, edits your screenshots on the tablet. The application allows users to draw and annotate anything on the iPad using its touch UI. The application is an aim to work with photos, web pages, screenshots and the maps too.

Moreover, the app allow users to start their own blank canvas to draw anything on the tablet screen and let you share it with your friends via different social networks and the old age method of Email, the app also features the Evernote backup option and lets you share the project with group using the AirPlay with Apple TV.

A number of tools come within the app which lets you perform different tasks on the app, and allow you to make most out from the brilliant app on your tablet. There are coupled of drawing tools present in the app like your finger, pencil, arrows, text, shapes, color and much more. Skitch for iPad is a free download from the App Store.