Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

SiriPrefs Will Allow Siri To Launch Apps & Toggle Settings

Siri the most latest topic for the media and hackers to make headlines with it, we have seen lot of hackers and tweaks already hit the main page of big publishers with their nasty ideas for the Siri. In this week, we have got the first legal Siri port for the A4 devices with name of Spire from the infamous jailbreak tweak developer chpwn. The first legal Siri is said to be powered by the SiriProxy, with addition of auth tokens from the iPhone 4S to make contact with Apple Servers.


While the Siri and its port is still in the beta, requires a lot of inspirations to make it more powerful for the general public. As we all know, the Siri currently only takes few commands and perform limited moves on the devices. However, the new team comes up with an idea to open the Siri door to third party applications to perform actions; the team has started the project name SiriPrefs.


According to the hacker team their new project will allow Siri to perform certain actions on the complete iOS device, like launching an application through Siri on device or to set different options on the device using your voice through Siri system.  The team has demoed a little video showing their project works on the device:

While the all information showed in the video is not easy to understand that how this project system works on the Siri framework to perform these kinds of operations. It appears that SiriPrefs is using Bing Search as the main source to check for different things and using internal iOS URL system to launch different applications and action on the device.


The project is still requiring a lot of work, therefore the developer does not claimed any ETA for the availability of its work in the public. Well, from now we are on it, we’ll keep you updated on this in future follow us there!