Wed. May 25th, 2022

SiriLoveLyrics Let Siri To Bring Song Lyrics For You

We have seen couple of examples in the world suggesting the Siri interests in the music industry, and as well as the Siri power in the search world that could bring everything from the internet on your device display screen with a single voice command. There are already numerous tweaks and little hacks landed in the market which allow your Phone’s Siri to perform different tasks.  There is a new tweak launched by the developer DJKira_ in the Cydia Store with the name of “SiriLoveLyrics”. The developer has already two or more tweaks present in the Cydia store targeting the same thing to bring lyrics of the songs on Notification center and a complete music player.

However, the new “SiriLoveLyrics” is aims to add a simple add-on in your device Siri, which allows it to dig the internet to find the lyrics of the song you want to see on your device screen. With SiriLoveLyrics you can simply call any song lyrics on your device by using Siri’s voice command system. The tweak is carrying its own flavored graphical user interface on Siri layout, and with its own custom generated pattern of the voice commands which directs Siri to look for the different songs lyrics on the internet.

SiriLoveLyrics enable your Siri to listen to your favorite track name and artist name in order to find its perfect and best lyrics on the internet for you. You can look up for any lyrics by simply pressing your Siri’s enable button, and by saying, “Search for lyrics: Song Name by Artist Name” to Siri. You can also use SiriLoveLyrics to automatically detects the song title and artist name, the song you are playing in the background of the device. SiriLoveLyrics is not available in the Cydia Store at the moment, as the new tweak is on the pending list of ModMyi, and will soon launch in Cydia Store.