Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

SiriCorrectInfinity Lets You Punish Siri With Infinite Query Correction

Most of the users love to use Siri on their new iPhone 4S, and many have installed the Siri illegally on the older devices to entertain their selves with humor, however, the main problem users face while using Siri is the understanding of voice accent and Siri’s internal system to recognize the voice. Many users argued on forums that they are failed to communicate with Siri, as it doesn’t understand what they are saying. However, Apple has also give it the ability to edit the queries that it has given to Siri, but majority of users are not aware of the feature, and continuously shout on their personal assistant for the mess.

siri correct infinity
However, the feature provided by Apple is appeared to be limited to only one time use with one query, which means you can correct the query only one time, and that’s sounds to be a bit funny for the users who always try their luck with Siri’s voice recognition and found their selves under trouble with Siri’s voice recognition system. Well, there is a new tweak launched in the Cydia for free of cost that aims to bring you an infinite number of chances to edit your queries on Siri, and lets you edit the whole communication with Siri. SiriCorrectInfinity is a new jailbreak launched in Cydia for the iPhone 4S users, or the users have installed Siri on older devices with Spire.

SiriCorrectInfinity is a simple tweak, and does not come up with any configuration of the tweak over the of the device. All you have to do is, to download the tweak on the device, and use with Siri. SiriCorrectInfinity is appeared to be helpful for those users who always found their selves in trouble when Siri refuses to understand what you say!

SiriCorrectInfinity is available for free in Cydia’s ModMyi Repository.