Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Siri Start Lying, As She Can’t Speak Japanese Anymore

Just a week ago, we have caught Siri leaking secrets of its upcoming services, as she said that she could speak Japanese where in real she didn’t support the language yet, but only rumored to be soon getting a support for more languages. The secret was actually leaked through a single-user query to Siri, on which she leaks that she could be able to speak more languages with the launch of new iOS 5.1 firmware that is said to be launch with iPad 3 on the media event in March.

Well, after the big leak from Siri’s own mouth, it appears that Apple quickly made some changes to Siri servers and now start modifying the actual answer of the question which leaks the information about the upcoming languages support to the Siri. Last week, when somebody asks her about the languages, she can speak, she tells that she can speak English, French, German and Japanese, but after the modification at Siri’s servers now she answers that she can only speak German, French and English, but no Japanese anymore in the list.

It is directly suggesting that Apple is actively watching the blog networks that release such type of information on the internet, and working to fix its security holes day by day. They have already updated Siri’s server with this new answer, but if you ask the same question to her, she will tell you that she is learning some more languages to speak. iOS 5.1 is said to be coming with the iPad 3 on March 7th