Wed. May 25th, 2022

Siri Leaks That She Can Speak Japanese, Russian, Chinese Mandarin

Last week it was rumored that Apple is going to update its next generation personal assistant Siri in the upcoming weekends might be with the launch of the iOS 5.1 on the iPad 3 announcement event in the first week of March. Apple hold the launch of iOS 5.1 from a long time, as the Apple had stop seeding new beta builds to outer iOS developers to make their applications perfect with the new iOS 5.1, it is now reported that the rumor was right and the Siri is for surely going to power with few new languages pack. Apple had promised with folks on the launch of iPhone 4S that they will soon roll out few more languages to their Siri service, and it appears that they are going to fulfill their promise.

A number of users have reached social networks and start tipping blogs that Siri is now capable to speak Japanese, and soon may capable to speak complete Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian. According to the claim of users, the Japanese is out in the wild, but there is no sign of other languages in the Siri service. In addition to it, some users asked Siri about its language capabilities, and she quickly reveals the upcoming information that she can speak Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.


It seems that Siri is not a good secret keeper for Apple, as it reveals the upcoming information without any glitch in the service or rude reply. Siri is appeared to be the most hottest topic regarding the iPhone 4S, and people loving it just because of its intelligence and grip on the most of answerable questions.