Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Siri Installed On iPod Touch With iPhone 4S BackUp

As we have already described the main part of the story in the title, it seems to be a kind of interesting workout by a guy who successfully able to get Siri running on its iPod Touch 4G without making any sketchy touches to its firmware, even the device was not jailbroken. We have seen developers over there in jailbreaking community have tried a number of tricks to port the Siri into non-supported Apple iOS devices, and achieved the goal after making numerous changes to its firmware. However, according to a new report, all the porting stuff actually happens due to a single bug in the service.

Siri for iPod Touch

As the real user told us on the Twitter, he recently purchased a new iPod Touch from Apple and update it to the latest firmware Gordon, who updated the device to latest firmware selected to go with previous saved iCloud backup on its iPod Touch, instead of setting up the device settings from scrap. He told us that the iCloud backup was generated from the iPhone 4S with all setting and appearance, but he still wanted to go with it on its iPod Touch. After backing-up, the device from iPhone 4S, he found out that its new iPod Touch just got the all Siri GUI with dictation on its iPod Touch.

The actual porting of the Siri on any older iOS devices was only possible, when the user follows the jailbreak on the device and install all the available packs from the different Cydia sources. However, in this case, all the porting done while the backing-up the device from the iPhone 4S backup. According to the Gordan, the Siri dictation on iPod Touch working cool, but he hasn’t yet able to connect the iPod Touch with Siri’s Apple Servers.

Well, near to us it is just an amazing thing happened on the iPod Touch with iPhone 4S backup, but we will not suggest you to go with to get Siri dictation on the iPod Touch, because a backing-up device with another device backup might be brick your device.