Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Siri For Windows Phone Lands In Marketplace

Apple has already done up its work with introducing the mind blowing digital personal assistant in its new iPhone 4S named Siri. After the first release of technology and idea, now it’s a time of its rival to copy or create something similar to it but while staying in the limits of law and regulations. In the last few weeks, we have already seen a couple of clones and mockups of Siri actual service on different smartphone platforms, like Android and in the jailbreak community.

Last week, we reported about the clone app, which landed in the Android market and explain its self as the official Siri for Android, but in real does not work similar to the Siri, only uses the Google’s own speech-to-text service to look up text on Google. However, later after a big buzz in the tech world, Google removes it from the Android Market. Now it appears; this time developer has chosen Microsoft’s platform to launch their Siri clone for Windows Phone devices.

An app is released in the Microsoft Market Place named “Ask Ziggy” from developer Shai Leib, and do not featuring similar to the Siri but still the UI of the app is developed on the idea of Siri UI. As noted by the WP Central, the app works smoother than Microsoft own built-in Siri in the Windows Phone, which was claimed by Microsoft’s VP later during an interview.

Ask Ziggy app for Windows Phone devices also use the Nuance voice recognition system (same as Siri), but do not use the Apple’s Siri icons in the app. The application is already available in the Market Place for free, and the developer has already claimed to be pushing an updated version of the app.

However,  Ask Ziggy is not the only Siri alternative for Windows Phone that presents in Market Place. There is another app presents in Marketplace named “iSiri Faker” which represents itself as “Siri For Windows Phone”.