Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Siri For iPad 2 IS Under Construction, Coming Soon (SCREENSHOT)

Woha.. thats was a really quick move. In the morning we come across to the iPhone 4S Siri port to the Apple’s old generation iPhone 4 and now after couple of hours later, We are hearing that Siri is also makes it way to the Apple’s iPad 2. So now we have Siri on both iPad 2 and iPhone 4 at least unofficially, it seems that developers around the globe losing their patience to run the Siri on other iOS devices.

We have just learned from the developer over twitter that Siri for iPad 2 is under construction, as he has published the inside toggle and settings of Siri on iPad 2. The developer SonnyDickson, claimed and told that Siri for iPad 2 will be soon there but at least not officially by Apple. SonnyDickson over twitter has published a picture of the Settings > General > Siri


Right before the iPad 2 Siri port, we came to know that 9to5mac guys has also work on the iPhone 4S Siri port to the iPhone 4 with some developer, and has found that the application works well on the iPhone 4 hardware and confirms that there are no technical issues for Apple to leave the iPhone 4 behind. But according to them the port does not works due to Apple service servers because they cannot detect the commands from the iPhone 4 hardware.

But be in mind the iPhone Dev Team hacker MuscleNerd also confirmed the whole world that the new iPhone 4S Siri requires some files from the iPhone 4S filesystem to run properly on some other device and its a called of piracy, so they will not going to port the Siri on iPhone 4 or on any other device.