Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Siri Finally Cracked To Work Properly On iPod Touch 4

It appears that after working hard on the Apple’s iPhone 4S new Siri service, finally the hackers come up with a successful port of Siri on old generation devices like iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. We have already hear couple of times in last few days that hackers are working on the Siri port and they have successfully ported its GUI and some other files to iPhone 4 but they could not make it to run on the iPhone 4 hardware because of Apple’s Server connection with Siri.

Siri have to connect with Apple’s service servers in order to work on any device, hackers have to create a layer between iPhone 4 hardware and Siri Server to make it work on other iOS devices. Today the hacker @Stroughtonsmith and infamous @Chpwn claimed that they have finally able to bypass the security and now able to port Siri on any old generation device running iOS 5. The hackers had uploaded a video showing the comparison between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S running Siri.

In the video, the hackers just ask simple questions to Siri from iPhone 4 hardware but throughout it works well on iPhone 4. The hacker actually claimed that this port contains some extracted files from the iPhone 4S core files, and for it they jailbroke iPhone 4S. The developers have said that there will be “no public release soon” and not to ask. A public release also seems unlikely due to the legal issues in repackaging Apple’s code and distributing it.