Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

You Could Be Breaking The Law, If You Use Siri Dictation For Work

There are numbered of ready to use applications present in the App Store for the iOS devices with an ability to provide speech-to-text a feature under the term Dictation, but Apple introduced its own features and service in the iPhone 4S last year with the addition of Siri into the iPhone series. However, people loved the service gone nasty to get these services on their other devices too, as they work like a charm on the board. Therefore, Apple decided to put a little part of the service into the upcoming new iPad update along with other features.

Siri Dictation comes right way on the new iPad, and Apple announced that there are still no plans to port the Siri into the iPad series, but they have managed to port the Siri dictation into an iPad. Across the different fields, a large number of user and professionals use dictation type service on their offices and workstation to quickly note down the text the speak; many users hire humans to do this task, but now with an advanced technology it can be done over cloud with high-end servers and services that quickly dictates the whole statement without bugging on any part of the story. However, to accomplish this task the services needed to be connected with their servers from where they can easily bring information about the sentences you are speaking. It’s a kind of robot that is not allowed to speak back, but only configured to note down your commands into the memory.

Many users have been now started using the technology at the official level due to its excellence, but forget the dark side of the story. Let us to clear you, to accomplish the pure and high-quality dictation the services and Apple’s dictation is required to be connected with Apple’s Server through the new iPad and iPhone 4S. The device should be running on the active network connection with a grant passed to access the Apple’s server to sync what you are saying and clearing it into the best quality.

In short, the services want to first think what you are saying to their servers, and then on server response your device understands what you said. If you are using dictation to write any kind of text on your mobile, in short you are leaking and making proof of the chat over the Apple’s server. If you ask Siri to look up into your contacts, then it means you allow Siri to first upload your contacts to its server and then check for the right options.

However, in business fields where the information is really important for the whole company and organization, and especially the number of profits, sales and other planning details it could break your company privacy law, and get you fired over the leakage of their information to Apple’s Server. Dictation Service is good, but in the other words it is only for personal usage not at least for business or anonymous works.

What do you think about our core idea behind this article? Siri Dictation seriously breaks the law or just breaks some rules?