Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Siri Controlled By Brain Waves Was A Hoax (Project Black Mirror)

It has been not more than three days, when we reported that some group of hackers showed a demo of Siri working with their Brain waves. No doubt that hackers can do any thing with Siri. Soon after the launch of Siri, it was ported to iPhone 4 and iPod 4 and then to iPhone 3GS, where Apple only launched Siri in the new iPhone 4S. After the successful port of Siri on iPhone 4 and older devices, it was highly expected that the hackers will port it to the iDevices other than iPhone 4S. But due to privacy issues they couldn’t port it on to other iDevices. The reason for the port is some what sensible.

After the great hype of Siri porting came the new video of controlling Siri from Mind waves. This could create a great hype until the hackers got PWNED by the team of experts who blamed them as fakers. This is a good news for people like us who believe almost every thing said or shown by Hackers because we are living in a fools paradise. Before we could get fooled with another fake video of Siri working with Mind Waves, thanks to COO of thought-controlled computing company InteraXon posted a detailed blog posting in which he wrote up many ways in which Siri working with Mind Waves is fake.

If you have reviewed the video in the previous blog post, you must have seen that the hackers stated that they used ECG pads to measure the brain’s electrical activity- but ECG pads only measure the activity of heart; EEG Pads measures Brain activity. InteraXon COO Trevor Coleman, says:

“There is no way they could detect any meaningful brainwave signals through that setup.”

He also believes that detecting the ideas like call John is like 15 years away.

The Verge notes that:

Emotiv, another company working on brain-computer interfaces, offers a product that operates similarly to Project Black Mirror’s setup — but it uses 14 EGG inputs and still doesn’t achieve the level of control the Siri hack claims.

Till now no response has been made by the members of Project Black Mirror in defense of their Project. If they want to prove that they are right, so they need to show up with some proof or another video showing that they are right. Lets see, what they show up with.