Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Siri Can Now Speak Hindi With A Little Help Of New Hack

Apple has recently seeded the new iOS 5.1 firmware version in the public, along with the announcement of the iPad 3 in public. The update includes the number of new features, security patches, new challenges for the developers, and a complete new support for the Japanese in Siri for the iPhone 4S users. With the iOS 5.1, Apple’s intelligent virtual assistant learned a new language to speak all over the world with similar ancient users.  But what if Siri doesn’t currently support your language? No problem, there is already a developer out there with having a successful prototype in its hand running with a Hindi language, which is currently not supported by Apple’s official Siri service.

The project is initialized by iOS developer Kunal Kaul, who claims to develop a Siri Project that enables it to speak a Hindi language with the help of its own managed Siri Proxy server. He has demoed a video showing up its iPhone 4S Siri able to speak Hindi with a little help of its own configured Siri Proxy server integrated with Google Translate API, which is capable of translating English into Hindi.

iPhone 4S Siri Speaks Hindi

However, the process of using a proxy server to enhance the Siri’s capabilities has been a pretty popular these days, as a little program and user can easily configure its own proxy server on local network, and with a little how now of programming can enable different things in the Siri, like controlling lights, TV and other appliances. The developer behind the Hindi Speaking project of Siri, Kunal Kaul, has commented that there is still “lots of work to be done” before launching the feature in public.