Sat. May 28th, 2022

Siri Voice Dictation Officially Arrives On Next Gen iPad, But Not Siri

There are lot of rumors in the past that suggests the arrival of Siri into the next generation iPad 3, and some rumor mills have also suggested that Apple has paused the iOS 5.1 public betas due to the addition of Siri code into the iOS 5.1 for the next generation iPad. Today, on the iPad 3 launch media event, Apple has firstly launched the next generation iOS 5.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, while the new iOS 5.1 is about to carry some potential security updates to the core of iOS, and support of new language to the Siri, and nothing new.

Siri Voice Dictation for iPad

However, while introducing the next generation iPad, the Phil Schiller has announced that the next generation iPad will only feature the half part of the Siri, the dictation part. Apple has officially announced the Siri Dictation for the next generation iPad, and it appears that will be the biggest down side of the device, because many users have been expected the arrival of Siri into the next generation iPad.


On the stage, Apple has demoed the new Siri Voice Dictation for the next generation iPad with new high resolution graphics on the device, and the new ability of the voice dictation to the core of the device. Well we believe that iPad lovers will be a bit disappointed from Apple’s decision of keeping away the intelligent assistant from the iPad devices. However, in addition to this, Apple has named the device is “the new iPad”. iPad has simply killed the iPad name update series, and ignores to name it as iPad HD or iPad 3.