Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

SIRI App Arrives on Android Market. Does it Really Works?

The newly launched virtual assistant by Apple on it’s iPhone 4S, SIRI, is now so famous that every one is after getting it. The demand for SIRI has increased so much that even Android Developers has also started to make SIRI imitation for Android users. We didn’t knew that people will go this far to have SIRI on their Device. Those who own and iPhone 4 and below Devices will be getting SIRI, soon on their iDevices. They can install SPIRE, which is the first legal port of SIRI made by CHPWN. Still it needs some work to connect to the proxy servers.

The iPhone 4S was a great hit due to its virtual assistant SIRI. SIRI is no doubt a great thing to have in an Phone. If you don’t have an iPhone, So.. You don’t have an iPhone.

After seeing this SIRI for Android, the words said by Steve Jobs (late) once again come true.

Steve Jobs (Late) said:

Android is a copied product.

Well now we can say that it is not copied product but is also copies.

Now have a look at the SIRI for Android.

SIRI for Adnroid


The icon and the functionality is pretty good. The question is that does it really works the way like iPhone 4S SIRI does?

Well the answer would be a big no because this is just the imitation of real SIRI, as told above. This SIRI is actually the diguise of Google Voice Search present in Android. The developer of this App doesn’t hides the fact and also tells about this fact in the description of the App in the Android Market.


Siri, now for your Android device!

This application is a Siri icon that opens “Google’s Voice Actions” app.

According to thenextweb:

Experienced smartphone users will immediately recognise that the app is bogus, in fact a small number of users have given the app low ratings to ensure that it doesn’t start to trend in the Android Market download charts.

Those who have used the official SIRI by Apple will definitely know the moment they use this imitation of SIRI, that this a bogus App in the market.

Google makes little-to-no checks on their Android Market Apps or the Apps which are submitted in the Market. The developers, such as “Official App” do not have to go through the Approval process due to which they can submit Infringement/copyright/trademark Apps in just few minutes. This App cannot be declared as safe because we don’t know what was the intention of Developer to name this App as SIRI. This App could be vulnerable to malicious activities such as Virus, Malware or any other thing which can steal your data. the person can hack into your Phone easily.

The time of this App on Google’s Android Makrket is not known. The App might stay for few days or a year or some months. We would recommend you to stay away from this App and report this App as abuse or bogus.