Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Singapore To Facilitate Their Military With Apple’s iPad

We all know about the superb success of Apple’s iPad and also about the adoption of this tablet by big organizations of World, last time we have shared that some airlines adopt iPad for the flight information instead of tons of papers which includes the information of maps. After all this, now it is reported that iPad is about to show some magic in the market of Singapore too. Singaporean Defense Ministry has just announced that they are going to give almost 8,000 Apple’s tablet to the upcoming new staff of army. Recent iPad is proved itself that it’s a worthy tool for military staff to carry, and now Singaporean Government is keen to take the advantage of it.


According to the report, new staff will be allowed to exclusively taking the photos and videos and than uploading to the central database of Defense Departments, they also be allowed to make the connection with other military personnel’s while using the feature of iMessage, when it comes out later in this fall. It is also reported that they are going to hire some private companies to build the apps for their military which meets the needs of their military tasks.

Source: Yahoo