Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Singapore Carrier Start Selling Camera-Less iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S

Last a report from the source made a big buzz in the community, which suggests that Singapore carriers are now seeking to deliver the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S model without Apple’s original warranty, as they are going to serve the device without camera’s to the military and government personnel, on the strict ruling Singapore Defense Ministry. Originally, the report comes from the internal document from the Singapore local carrier M1 that starts advertising that they will soon sell iPhone 4/iPhone 4S devices without camera modules in the country, and now after a week of the original report. The M1 Carrier is finally come up with their internal offer for the customers who are not allowed to be use smartphones/ mobiles with camera modules.

The carrier specifically offers the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S camera-less devices to the subscribers connected with countries military bases and government institutions. The carrier has started violating the Apple’s partner warranty, and start removing the camera modules from the device, which kills the original Apple provided warranty on the purchase of iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S. Therefore, the local Singaporean carrier M1 has selected a third party warranty service that charges additional price on the purchase of the iPhone from the carrier.
camera less iphone

The carrier has started selling the device with additional charges of $38 for the warranty claim, and the certificate to use the device in such criteria where the device with a camera is not allowed. The carrier has reportedly planned a third-party vendor for the full warranty on the country which cost users around additional S$321, and planned to mirror all the warranty terms for the users who elected to go with their provided vendor.

Recently, we come across to know that Singapore’s Defense Ministry has announced to stop using any device with camera module on the government areas, and especially restricted the use of smartphones in the military bases, and start acquiring a certificate for a device with camera module from the carriers.
However, with these new camera-less phones now users can use iPhones in the country without any restriction around the land.