Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Silent Film Director the Artist App for iPhone (Review)

These days to direct a film costs lot money. Especially when you need to make short film on your project or anything related to your daily life you need a good professional camera or a handy cam to shoot the video. When you are done with the video, you need to buy or download all those giant sized files in order to give some cool effects to you movie. The movie can be in any form. It can be with your friends, with your loved ones, your old memories, or anything or time or occasion on which you have captured the movie. You will always want to have those happy moments in your pocket so that you can see those happy moments whenever you are alone at a place where you are missing your old days very badly.

You can carry a round sized CD or a rectangle shaped USB in which you can save your old memories. In order to run a CD or a USB, you will need an OS on which you can see the old memories. You are living in this advance era of Technology and got a smart Phone like iPhone, so you can get all of the memories at one place with the help of this awesome App called Silent Film Director. You can not only have the videos with you on the spot but you can also make memorable videos with the built in effects. Before we proceed on further with the App, the name must be sounding like a new. Yes! The name is new but the Developers are not new. They are the same who got a great Photo editing App for OS X called Snap Heal and for iPhone/iPod/iPad they got FX Photo Studio. They are the same people known as MacPhun. They have released many great Apps for OS X and iDevices before. This time they have released a new update/ App called Silent Film Director which allows you to make, edit, crop, movies right on your Device. Now you don’t have to rush to you OS’s to edit a movie or add an effect. You can even share your creation right from your iDevice.

The App Silent Film Director has got two versions in it. One is standard view and the other one is PRO Mode. In standard you simply select the effects, Quality, SoundTrack, and VideoTimeScale. After setting all these you got another to options in which you can take video or load video from your camera roll or Videos by sharing. In videos by sharing you get an option of FTP and you can add videos directly from iTunes. After you are done with all of the procedures, all you have to do is simply choose the video and it will be ready in no time. Once the processing is done, you will have the video on your iPhone screen. Then you can share it on YouTube, Facebook, Email or enter in the contest. In standard version you also get:

20’s movie
60’s home video (viva Hippie style! !;)
70’s home video
Black and White
Vintage Sepia

Up to 1920X1080 (iPhone 4S only)

9 Built-in soundtracks – NEW!
Upload Music from iPod
Upload Music via Sharing Folder from Mac or PC
Create movie keeping the original sound
Mute mode
Fade in/out music – NEW!
Add retro noise to the sound – NEW!

Add more Humor to your film (increase speed)

Add Dramatic atmosphere (slow down speed)
Make speed variable (start fast – end slow or visa verse) – NEW!
Play video backwards (reverse mode) – NEW!

Silent Film Director

The another mode is the PRO Mode in which you get all of the above mentioned features with some more new and exciting features. In PRO Mode you can make Projects of your own and edit them whenever you feel like. The best thing in PRO Mode is the time line in which you can add up things at your own will. The timeline works like the timeline present in Live Movie maker. In other words we can say that the timeline is almost the same as the Movie Makers time line. PRO mode allows us to have more advanced tools for video editing which are

Possibility to mix videos with images
Possibility to add stylish Title Cards
5 Authentic Silent Film Fonts
8 Types of Transitions
Trip and Split video – NEW!
Duplicate video pieces – NEW!
Mirror effect – flips your video from left to right – NEW!
Picture from video (turn a moment from video into photo) – NEW!

These above tools might be sounding familiar. Some of them are the same effects which you might have used on your PC in past. This time you will be using all those tools with new look on your iPhone with amazing performance and speed. The PRO mode doesn’t ends here. In PRO mode when you are done with adding things on the Time Line and are all set to go, you have to Render the movie first, then play the movie to see if everything has gone according to plan you planned. After you have seen the movie, you can press share and you get a lot of options to share with. You can save the movie to your camera roll, upload to YouTube, Facebook or E-Mail to you loved ones your creation and even you can participate in the contest by submitting your creation in the contest.

I have made a little funny video using Silent File Director of my friend. I got the video luckily from his iPhone. You can see the video below:


This was just a small funny sample made by me of my friend movie which he made for fun and I made it funnier. Like this you can make many small movies and make your chance to win in the contest of Silent Film Festival next week. More details can be found here.

The App, Silent Film Director originally costs $2.99 in the App Store. But the App has gone on sale till Sunday, March 18th due to the start of the Silent Film Festival. The Sale price of the Silent Film Director is $0.99. This offer is valid till Sunday only. So head over to the App Store and buy this App at the discounted rate before it is too late. The App is also compatible with iOS 5.x.x.

We will be seeding the Promo Codes for this App as soon as we get our hands on them.