Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Shutdown Your PC / MAC Remotely Via iShutdown [App]

Ever felt so lazy that you don’t want to get off the place you are sitting and away from computer and need to shutdown your computer. To shutdown your computer you have to get up and move on to PC / MAC to shutdown it.

Now you don’t need to move from the place where you are relaxing and the computer is away from you and you need to shutdown it. Props toVlad Polyanskiy for making a beautiful App which makes your life easier in shutting down MAC / PC.

The best thing about this App is that it works with WI-FI or 3G. It auto Detect the host.

The App is called iShutdown and it is Available in iTunesfor $0.99. All you have to do is buy the App from iTunes and Download the Server from here.