Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

SHSH extractor tool, will let us to save Blobs for older iOS firmwares (Update x1)

iH8sn0w, an iPhone Jailbreak Hacker behind the Sn0wbreeze iOS Jailbreak tool tweeted that he is working on another useful tool named as a SHSH blob extractor, which let us to save SHSH blobs for older firmwares like iOS 4.1, which Apple no longer signs.


Here is the tweet which informed us about this project of iH8sn0w:

working on this SHSH blob extractor. So if a new device comes with a firmware apple isn’t signing, you can dump it. 🙂

With this tool, you are not more depended on Apple signing service and you can save the SHSH blob for an iOS device even after the Cupertinos stop signing it. Well this time there is now ETA or rough date for this tool. According to iH8snow, it is a big tool and will require some time before it is ready for showtime.


I would really like to thanks iH8sn0w on pointing out on his upcoming tool.

Let’s say, if you have a device that is on a firmware that Apple is not signing (like iOS 4.1), and you wish to save blobs for it, so you can do it with the upcoming iH8sn0w tool. You may be have this question in your mind how are you going to grab these blobs?

Believe it or not! But the blobs are actually still on the device for that firmware. This is because the boot chain relies on these blobs.
It is basically a new signature check of Apple but is given to the device origanlly from Apple via Updating and Restore.

So now just ensure that you did not hit the Update and Restore button in iTunes. Everytime you restore or update, these blobs get replaced with compelety new blobs for firmware you are updating or restoring to.