Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Shazam Launches Future iOS Music Player For iPhone / iPod

You might already have a chance to kick out the Shazam’s iOS app on your device, which allows you to identify the name of the music track being played around yourself, and the app has already made a big boom in the App Store with the amazing features that lets you identify any music right on your device. However, the Shazam has launched a new app for iOS devices named “Shazam Player” that lets you to play music on your device in a different way, the app is launched in the App Store for free of cost, and seems to be the featured packed iOS music player.

Shazam Music Player
Shazam Player provides a different type of features inside the new music player, allows you to stream song lyrics, tour dates from artists, YouTube Videos, artist / band’s biographies, as well as allows you to purchase new music tracks from iTunes using in app store. Addition to these features, the new Shazam Music player also allows you to get updated yourself with the ability to identify the music being played on your side, like the old app performs on iOS devices.

Shazam Music Player is also colored with some social network colors, allows you to share the music with your buddies over Facebook and Twitters, but the new Shazam Music player is not light like iOS default music player available on iOS devices, but the Music player packs a lot of interesting features too with itself.