Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

ShareApp: Allows You To Share Your Favorite App Easily With Your Friends Via Twitter

Have you ever wanted to tell your friends about the AppStore App which you are using or going to buy for your iPhone, iPod or iPad? Well, if yes than you must know about the Apple’s feature of “Tell A Friend” which allows you to share the app with your friend but as a you are living in 80’s. The stock feature will let you to email your friend about the app or game, which you are using or downloading from AppStore.

But now, you can get out of yourself from the Apple’s 80’s concept, and share AppStore with your friends via twitter. There is a tweak available in Cydia with name of “ShareApp”, which allows you to share the AppStore app with your friends via twitter. To use it, you just need to install the tweak from the Cydia, but it won’t add any new icon in your Springboard. It simply changes the working style of the Apple’s “Tell A Friend”, after installing the tweak and then upon pressing the button you will get a new dialogue window instead of old boring email composition window. It’s not mean that you can’t more email about the App after installing the tweak, it provides you a complete option from which you can chose, that you want a tweet, email or just copy the link of app.


Sadly it only works for you, if you are using official Twitter App on your iOS devices, its mean you can’t use its feature on other Twitter clients, like Echofon, TweetDeck, UberSocial, and etc. The tweak is free of cost available in Cydia.