Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Get “Shake To Undo” Function On Your MacBook [How To]

Many of you have already familiar with Apple’s amazing feature of iOS 3.0 “Shake To Undo” for iPhone and iPod Touch, which allow users to shake their device to undo the recent done work. It seems that some group of developers has take out the idea of “Shake To Undo” from iOS 3.0 and developed an application/tweak for Apple notebooks, to provide the same function on their Macbooks, according to the tweak, it is based on Apple’s sudden motion sensor, and only works on those netbooks who have Apple’s SMS.


As reported by OS X Daily, the software is written by Nate Stedman. It presses Command + Z — the standard undo keystroke — when the sudden motion sensor detects movement. There is a confirmation screen that users can enable to prevent accidental undo’s.

Originally Apple has equipped its MacBook series with these type of sensors to stop the hard disk work to prevent the physical damage during a drop of machine to the ground surface or a sudden movement. This sensor predicts the activity, and parks the head of HDD, in order to save data lose and physical damage. Well, we don’t actually recommend anyone to use this software, but it’s an interesting proof of concept. We are not responsible for any type of damage; use the tweak at your own base.


Get Shake-to-Undo for Mac free from GitHub.