Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

SFPD Begun Internal Investigation Regarding Lost iPhone 5 Prototype

Lost iPhone 5 prototype story completely turns into a serious problem for those SFPD officers who assist Apple employees in the home search of the guy for a lost iPhone 5 prototype, interesting part of the story is, there is no record in SFPD registers about such operation and house raid. First the guys have denied about the operation later on the claim of the guy who had visited by four Apple Employees with SFPD officers they claimed their operation. This new also becomes the headline in the last week, also got attention by many people, I mean many rivals of Apple. Now it is reported by Cnet again, that the SFPD has begun an internal investigation about the operation, which means they will drag those officers in the question box.

 Lt. Troy Dangerfield, of the San Francisco Police Department told CNET today that an internal investigation has begun into learning how officers assisted two Apple security employees search a home for the handset in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood in July.

According to report, the internal investigation has begun just to know how and what role SFDP officers played in operation and how they assisted Apple’s Employees without any record, according to my own self, there should be some sketchy thing behind the SFPD and Apple.

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