Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

SFDP Denies The Claim Of The Lost iPhone 5 Prototype. They Say No record Found (Report)

The day before we reported about the another mistake by Apple which was published on CNET that Apple once again lost its iPhone 5 prototype in a Bar in Mexico.

This type of event tool place last year with iPhone 4 when the designer of Apple was in a bar and left the iPhone 4 in the bar. When he go in his senses he found out that the iPhone 4 was no longer with him. That thing was really an embarrassing moment for Apple. Later on it was found that the prototype of iPhone 4 was sold to a Tech Blog called Gizmodo for $5,000/=.

The report told by CNET claimed that the Police Department is working on the case of the Lost Of the iPhone 5 and they also claimed that they traced out the prototype in Bernal Heights,where they found the man who was the Bar Keeper of the bar. They asked him to search the house with Apple Employees and when the search got completed they found nothing.

When exiting his house Apple Employee offered him some amount in $ and said if the person could give them the prototype. The person said he doesn’t know any thing about the prototype. If he knews he would have given to them.

Now Officer Albie Esparza the spokesman of SFPD (San Francisco Police Dpartment) says no such record exists of any such activity done by SFPD officer.

“I talked to CNET” reporter Declan McCullagh, Esparza tells SF Weekly. “I don’t know who his source is, but we don’t have any record of any such an investigation going on at this point.”

Esparza says no records of the visit to Bernal Heights by police officers — which should be recorded in documentation per standard SFPD procedures — exist at either Mission or Ingleside stations, at least one of which would have handled the incident. (Ingleside station covers Bernal Heights, while the phone was allegedly lost at Cava 22, a bar in the Mission.) Police dispatchers also have no records of any incident involving the address where the search for the phone supposedly took place, Esparza says.
Esparza says he related this information to CNET weeks ago, when McCullagh first called him on the story. So the site must be rather confident in the anonymous source “familiar with the investigation” on which it bases its account.

Things have started to change. The SFPD which was involved as told by CNET also denied their involvement in this case. So far Apple didn’t reported any thing like that. This seems they are keeping the things anonymous and don’t want the public to know much more about it.

What I think is that the person who dropped the so called  iPhone 5 Prototype must not be by Apple. Must be brought from China. If you have missed it out, so China is selling the iPhone 5, obviously not original ones.