Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Serious iOS Security Flaw Allow Hacker To Run Malware Apps On iPhone

From years iOS gain a lot of popularity on Android because of always awarded as less malware mobile OS, Apple has been fixing iOS time to time with the new discoveries of bugs and security flaws in their OS. Recently, a famous security expert Charlie Miller claims that he has found a new security flaw in Apple’s code signing system, which allows developers toeasily approve applications with malware code into the Apple’s Online Store without any detection. The code or method that allows developers to bake apps with malware, also allow them to retrieve secret information from the device, as well as allow them to perform actions on the device, like vibrate or sound like a phone.

Miller has not revealed any information about the security flaw yet, just announces that he will reveal the bug publicly in SysCan conference next week in Taiwan. Miller has good hacking track in the past, and already won the couple of Pwn2Own events. He has demoed a video showing the bug. Miller said he has an app approved on App Store with the malware, which allow him to do notorious pranks with user’s devices. The app is currently removed from the App Store, besides it Apple has kicked him out from the Apple Developer Program.

He just mentioned on his twitter that Apple has a week time to fix it, or he will publicly discuss about the security flaw. It appears that many publications have reached out Apple to comment about the Miller’s claim, and the suspension of his developer account.  Anyways, Miller once again rings the bell of Apple by breaking their most secure able system.