Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Facebook “Orca” Project Let You Send Free Text Messages All Over The World

With the launch of new technologies and smartphones, we have changed the orginal methods of communicating with each other, before the VoIP and data services, people are used to talk with each other on phones, but now they are using the internet services to communicate with each other.

Large number of people are used to text rather than giving a call to someone, and there are couple of apps to which makes their work more easier such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which carries the same style of communication but through the internet and provides a free cost of communication to the users.

Facebook Messenger

According to a new report Facebook is working a new project called “Orca” that will go to merge the messaging into Facebook Chat. Once the Facebook’s new project Orca implemented into the Facebook Messenger it will allow users to send messages all over the world for free. The source comes to us from the inside source of iPhoneItalia, which claims them that the Facebook is working on such project.


Loosely translated via Google:

“Orca” was the code name used in the project environments Facebook will soon be integrated into Messenger and Facebook allow users to social networks known to the world of free text messages to any telephone number (for now, we Reportedly, the service seems to be unsupported by the operator H3G) and also to friends, relatives or colleagues who are not registered on Facebook. The number will be used to send its own number of Facebook, not the phone number of the sender.”

Facebook has already complete details about your cell phone, as they now acquire you to enter your mobile number to confirm your account, and they already sending out message notifications to mobile network. The system is already up, just need to be little modified more.