Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Send & Receive Any File Through iMessage On iPhone With “SendAny and ReceiveAny”

Remember our OS X Mountain Lion first preview coverage, on which we have reported on the addition of iMessages in the OS X Mountain Lion, and discussed its upcoming feature of sending and receiving the number of file types through the iMessage from one machine to another machine? However, the feature is officially scheduled to be coming inside the Mac OS X Mountain Lion, but with the kind of limitations on the services, especially limited number of file types that could be sent through the iMessages application to another machine with installed iMessage application.

Well, what do you think if you get the same feature on your iOS 5+ device with the most stabled iMessage service on your device? Imagine, if there is a tweak or trick that allows you to send files from one device to another device using the iMessage, especially certain kind of file types, including the most unsupported file types like random / custom .deb packages. There is a new pack of Cydia tweaks in the development with the name of “SendAny” and “Receive Any” with the aim to bring the functionality of sending an infinite number of file types from iMessages to any other device, especially using the iOS devices.

The combination of tweaks allows you to send your iPhone / iPad to send any file from the one device to another device, as sending a file from iPhone to a MacBook running OS X Mountain Lion. SendAny, a tweak – represents itself from its name, as it allows you to send any file to other devices through iMessage, and the “RecieveAny” allows you to receive any kind of file format from the iMessage on your device. A user with installed SendAny on its device can send any kind of file to other users which installed ReieveAny on its devices.

It is reported that the tweak is not yet released in the Cydia, as it is still under development by its developers, but soon is said to be appear in the Cydia Store with great grip on its sales. According to the developer, the SendAny will be come with a little price tag of $1, while the ReceiveAny will be available for free in the Cydia Store.


via iDB