Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

SemiTether Jailbreak For iOS 5 Updated v0.9.1 With Fixes

The most recently introduced iOS 5 untethered alternative Semi-tethered for iOS 5 gets to update from the team behind its born. The team has been working with the creator of Cydia, Saurik, to make it more reliable for users to use it on their devices. The Semi-tethered jailbreak update comes up with an incredible fix for the old bugs and with the support of new Mobile Substrate for iOS 5.

SemiTether iOS 5
The team has re-write the Mobile Substrate and Semi-Tethered jailbreak with Saurik and produced a new patch to the old release jailbreak, which could allow users to successfully boot on their device and allows them to use their devices in non-jailbreak status. The new patch also comes up with a patch which allows users to fix Safari Mobile browser to work on non-jailbreak status.

SemiTether Jailbreak aka Semi-Tethered jailbreak is updated to version v0.9.1this morning with the numerous notes worthy features and fixes for the old bugs in the core of jailbreak. Besides all the features, SemiTether now protects your iOS 5 Notification Widgets on your iPhone. BigBoss has also announced that they are currently working with MyWi and AppSync team to make them run with SemiTether jailbreak.

Per BigBoss here are is the summary of changes:

1) Much more stable with new mobile substrate
2) Can patch safari so it works in the non-jailbreak reboot mode
3) App to monitor the status of your semitether and reapply. Check after Cydia installs.

Remember, the source for the SemiTether package is as follows:


SemiTether Jailbreak For iOS 5 Updated v0.9.1 With Fixes