Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

How to Save Your SHSH Blobs For Apple TV With New Tiny Umbrella 4.21.02

You all must be aware of the device known as Tiny umbrella. Which is used to save you SHSH blobs for your iDevices.Tiny Umbrella has been up dated to 4.21.02.

Few minutes ago the owner of the Tiny Umbrella Tweeted that:

@Notcom: One small nugget of coal for some of you.I’ve posted 4.21.02 allowing you to save your Apple T.V  4.2.1 SHSH’s Enjoy!.

So its means that Apple TV users can now save their SHSH for iOS 4.2.1 with the use of TinyUmbrella. Also Check out our complete step by step guide of saving SHSH blobs hereStay tuned with us for more information and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date. And do share this with your freinds who own an Apple T.V

Download Tiny Umbrella.