Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Save Your Previous Firmware’s SHSH Now Possible [Work In Progress]

Hey folks you heard us right that now you can save your SHSH Blobs which are the signature files help you to restore to earlier versions. This thing is done by Cydia and Tiny Umbrella. But from them you can save the current and the future firmware’s SHSH’s not the previous one’s which you couldn’t.

But the utility on which iH8sn0w is working will allow extracting SHSH blobs even on older firmware’s. Bringing back the opportunity for those who misses saving hashes for their iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

For those who don’t know that who is ih8smn0w. He is the person behind the creation of Sn0wbreeze.

Here read the conversation between @ih8sn0w and @Mackhackpc.

Well lets see this come true and on the other hand the owner of Tiny Umbrella(Semaphore) is working on a project through which you can restore your device without iTunes we have posted this before here.

That means you will get no more errors and no more restrictions while restoring or updating to previous and new iOS’s.

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