Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Save Your iPad 2 SHSH Blobs Now

You all must be surprised that how come this is possible because no Jailbreak for iPad 2 because it is not out yet and without the Jailbreak you can save the SHSH Blobs for iPad 2.

Yes! It is true. If you are  a regular reader of FreakGeeks you might have read the latest news news that the End of SHSH is Coming Near and Apple will some day stop us from Saving SHSH Blobs, so we cannot restore to previous firmwares or save the current Firmware SHSH Blobs which will be iOS 5. This bad news is for all the people who are using iDevice.

Any ways people who are using iPhone 4 and are on A4 Chips are safe for the time being because the iDevices are PWNED for Life by GeoHots Limera1n Exploit.

Now coming to the point, most of you must be using iDevices for long and must be aware of the Tool called Tiny Umbrella which is used to save SHSH Blobs for Jailbroken iOS Devices.

Special Thanks to Mads Teland for the Picture.

So the same Tool can Save your SHSH Blos for your iPad 2. This is really Amazing.

As far as we have noticed it saves all the available SHSH Blobs. Well don’t wait for the Jailbreak which is said to be coming soon for iPad 2 and it will also Jailbreak all iDevices from 3GS to iPad 2.

Download Tiny Umbrella For MAC OS X and Windows from here and save your SHSH Blobs now.