Fri. May 27th, 2022

Saurik Files A Lawsuit Against Domain Name

The creator of the third party Application called Cydia which is used by Jailbroken iOS devices and the owner of Saurikit LLC, Jay Freeman AK.A Saurik filled a lawsuit against the domain name to acquire the domain. The domain name is the copyright of Cydia, which is made by Saurik.

Domainnamewire reports that:

The lawsuit against the domain alleges that the domain was changed to display content about Apple products after the original owner had contacted him, detailing the communications between the two parties as evidence.

Saurikit claims that visitors will be confused by the name and will be led to think that is affiliated with the Apple iDevice store of the same name.

It is also believed that the users are misguided with the name of by believing that this website is some how related to Cydia Store. Although this is not related to Cydia.