Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Santa Meets SIRI. New Commercial Aired By Apple

This is not the first time when we will be seeing an Ad by Apple for SIRI. After SIRI, the personal assistant for iPhone 4S users was launched with iPhone 4S, we came across many commercials promoting SIRI and all the new features added by Apple in iOS 5.  iOS 5 was introduced back at WWDC 2011 and was released few months back. After the great success of iOS 5 and iPhone 4S, Apple started to promote their products with new and different commercials. Every commercials included something new and different. So in this commercial, Apple has totally focused on Santa Claus.

Apple has featured Santa Claus in this Ad using SIRI. We are aware of the fact that SIRI is artificial technology made personal assistant which helps us in doing many things. It allows us to do things by dictating to it. Santa Claus is also shown in the Ad using SIRI and saying it to help him out with the journey of his.

Santa is looking for his reminders, locations, emails, and weather of places with the help of SIRI. you can see the new Ad below.


The best line in this Ad is “How does my rest of the day Looks?”. You have 3.7  Billion Appointments. So Santa got 3.7 Billion Appointments to accomplish. Good luck Santa.

Over here at this point of 3.7 Billion Appointments, Apple is trying to tell that you can as many as reminders you want. The reminders are unlimited. Like Santa got 3.7 billion Appointments, So how many reminders do you got?

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