Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Samsung Uses Apple’s AppStore Icon To Decorate Company New Store

As Samsung and Apple betting all of their reputation in different courts by filling lawsuits again each other, the latest news tell us that Samsung has start using Apple around the globe and seeks for a ban on the sale of iPhone and 3G iPad models.

While all the things going well, both companies working on new projects and keep in contact with each other (only in courts) to claim different patent infringements. It’s appear that Samsung has took an idiotic step which may stronger their case in front of Jury, Apple not have to clarify anything.

It is reported that Samsung has again copied something from Apple to decorate its product, this time they have uses the Apple’s App ICONs to decorate their new retail store, hell yeah! They really did!

As you can see the above image of the Samsung Company Store in Centro Sicilia, Italy. The background of the Store carries some Apps icon and in the first look they looks like an iOS devices apps icon, but here we not talking on that, there are also some shocking icons present the wall which may represents the Apple’s AppStore and Mobile Safari Browser. You can easily check them, we have points out them above.  So now, what you think? According to me someone is really going to lose its job in Samsung, also a really bad moment for Samsung.