Fri. May 27th, 2022

Samsung Wants To Ban iPhone 5 In Korea, Even Before Launch

The long patent war still goings on between Apple and Samsung, so far Apple has achived couple of bans against the Samsung Galaxy Series such as they block the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in several countries, also they have registered many lawsuits against Samsung on different grounds. It appears today from the Korea Times, Samsung also gathering information about its patent and trying to put a ban on iPhone 5 sale in Korea at least, the words come from the unnamed Samsung executive.

According to the report, Samsung in try to impose ban on the sales of iPhone 5, even before its launch want to let it alone in the announcement phase. Last year Korea’s local KT and SK Telecom have sold around 3.1 million iPhone in the land. Korea Times has not published the name of the Samsung executive who shared this new with them.


Apple has recently ditched Samsung for all type of orders, and quit using the Samsung LCD’s in iPad also they have no assign other companies for the future production of A6/A7 proccessors for iOS devices. Apple is one of the biggest customer of Samsung from couple of years and also boost their revenue with their massive orders for NAND drives, displays and their Wireless chips, as the main provider of iOS devices component Samsung automatically knows many core things about the iOS devices and also may get the deep information about the iPhone 5 and therefore now may achieve ban against the sale of iPhone 5 in Korea.