Wed. May 25th, 2022

Samsung Underestimates Apple On iTV (HDTV) Business

Since the Cupertino giant revealed a part of its upcoming plan to enter in the real TV market by introducing a new product that aims to reinvent the Television market with their astonishing features in the market. We have seen many of its rival underestimates it on the decision and says that they can’t beat anyone the market as the other manufacturers have good grip in the market. Apple has directly approached the Samsung by planning to enter in the market; Samsung is known for its good picture quality screens.

Many industry experts claimed that rival companies had just started their work to reinvent their products to semi-beat the Apple’s upcoming television series product. It’s not the first time that Apple is rumored in media on entering in the real TV world, but this time everything is appearing in right direction. In a new report, it appears that someone at Samsung is really unaware of Apple’s products image in the real market, and commented on the arrival of Apple’s upcoming television product as underestimating the Apple.

A Samsung manage indicates in a comment that his company is confident that Apple cannot beat them with their new product, as Samsung is old ruler of picture quality in the market. According to the manager, the users only interested in the picture quality not at least in the other features of the device, and by joining the market Apple only going to waste a big money as they have no renowned experiences in the display market and they are using Samsung and LG display panels to power their devices.

“We’ve not seen what they’ve done but what we can say is that they don’t have 10,000 people in R&D in the vision category,” [Samsung product manager Chris Moseley] said.

“They don’t have the best scaling engine in the world and they don’t have world renowned picture quality that has been awarded more than anyone else.

“TVs are ultimately about picture quality. Ultimately. How smart they are…great, but let’s face it that’s a secondary consideration. The ultimate is about picture quality and there is no way that anyone, new or old, can come along this year or next year and beat us on picture quality.

“So, from that perspective, it’s not a great concern but it remains to be seen what they’re going to come out with, if anything.”

Well, we are not going to give much weight to a Samsung product manager, as he is the only product manager not a senior executive and he will be less known to the market upcoming plans and worries of the company regarding the Apple HDTV. Apple is working on the new Apple HDTV in secret, and has not revealed any clue into on this.