Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Samsung Sues Apple Requests For A Ban On iPhone and 3G iPad Sales

After getting a lot of hits from Apple, now Samsung is reaching the floors of the courts and dragging down the Apple with some essential lawsuits. Samsung has filled a lawsuit in Dutch court and ask to force Apple to pay the fee of the licensee of the patent or to impose a ban on iPhone and 3G iPad sales.

In short Samsung has issued a warning to the Cupertino Company that they will be more aggressive, just like they are doing with them from couple of last months. The report has filled at The Hauge court, Samsung claimed that Apple infringes their four 3G wireless patent. Samsung has asked the jury to impose a ban on the sell of iPhone and 3G iPad till Apple does not pay the fees of the patents, Samsung has asked court to fine Apple $1.34 million for each patent violation.
A couple of weeks ago, Apple has done the same thing in this court and asked jury to impose a ban on the sale of Galaxy Tab in Germany and got the victory. Now in response to these lawsuits, Samsung collected their patents and start filling cases around the globe against Apple. As the fine fees is reasonable, Apple will throw the money on it and get the official licensee to use it in iOS devices, as the developer points out that these patents are very essentials.