Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Samsung Sold 5 Million Samsung Galaxy S II Units In 85 Days

Samsung is reaching the heights of success with the launch of Samsung Galaxy SII, in the near past we have seen Samsung reaches many goal with its super cool device, today Samsung again comes up with announcement of their success with Samsung Galaxy S II, they announces that they have shipped more than 5 million Samsung Galaxy S II in just 85 days. Recently they have also reported that their flagship phone becomes the fastest selling smartphone by shipping 3 million device in just 55 days. Samsung reaches this height of success even by not yet launching the phone in the markets of United States.


It is also reported that Samsung has now more than 56% shares of the mobile phone market in the land of South Korea, and it is also reported that in the upcoming days they will release their hottest smartphone in United States with the biggest carrier of the land AT&T, folks over BGR has already spotted the AT&T labeled Samsung Galaxy S II.