Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Samsung Says Apple HDTV Is Nothing, Smart TVs Are The Future

We are all already familiar with the Apple, and Samsung fight over dozens of patent infringement cases around the world, both giants are already making lot of waves in the market with their devices for the users, and most recently we have heard that Samsung comes with the couple of statements regarding the Steve Jobs biography statement about the Apple’s mythical iTV which is said to be next HDTV of the market, as the Jobs mentioned in his biography that he finally “cracked the code” to build a product with an integrated television set with numerous mind boggling features for the users.

From the Jobs biography, and industry claims, we have learned that Apple iTV is said to be a television set with an ability to sync over the internet with other connected iOS devices, and to allow streaming of available content in the iTunes Store, furthermore to features the ability of having Siri on it. However, today Samsung Australia’s Director of Audiovisual Philip Netwon comes in front of the Sydney Morning Herald, and reveals what Jobs want to share with the world with words “cracked the code”. He told media that Jobs was talking about the iTV connectivity with other devices.


He laughed about the Apple iTV and dismissed the Jobs biography wave as “nothing new”, and points the media to its own company futures Smart TVs:

When Steve Jobs talked about he’s ‘cracked it’, he’s talking about connectivity – so we’ve had that in the market already for 12 months, it’s nothing new, it was new for them because they didn’t play in the space. It’s old news as far as the traditional players are concerned and we have broadened that with things like voice control and touch control; the remote control for these TVs has a touch pad.

In the last couple of weeks, Samsung is been pretty busy in promoting its Smart TVs generation at the CES floor with live showing off the Smart TVs work at the CES 2012 show to the users. Samsung has shown off its Smart TV with playing Angry Birds on it, and as well as demoed its capabilities like voice interaction, facial recognition, and other integrated features & multitasking.
Samsung has widely promoted its Smart TVs range as beating the Google TVs at the CES floor, and as well as other market manufacturers. We have as well seen Sony, Panasonic and LG promoting its Smart Tvs on the floor, but Samsung has openly pointed the company’s newer range of Smart TV as the future.