Sat. May 28th, 2022

Samsung Requests iPhone 4S Firmware & Agreement Details

It seems that the battle between Apple and Samsung not going to be end soon in a future. It appears that Samsung is now in action to kill down Apple’s iPhone 4S sales and put ban on the import of the device in Australia, where the company had already got words from the jury to first complete their report against Apple. According to a new report regarding the battle over iPhone 4S sales ban, Samsung has asked Apple to provide them a source file of iPhone 4S firmware in order to complete their report on iPhone 4S sales in Australia.

Samsung believes that Apple has infringed their three wireless patents in developing of iPhone 4S, where Apple says, they have already licensed those patents from Samsung already, but the company is now saying that the patent settlement does not cover the Australia region, and therefore, they want to ban the sales of iPhone 4S in Australia. Samsung also requests to gain access on iPhone 4S core system files in order to know, how the new device working and infringing their patents.

Samsung also asked Apple to provide the details of their agreements with Australian carriers on the sale of iPhone 4S in the land. Samsung wants to know the Apple settlement with carriers on iPhone 4S, and requested Judge to order Apple to disclose their deals information and subsidies information.

While we will have to wait to find out what comes of this, it’s worth noting Justice Annabel Bennet, the same judge who handed out the injunction against Samsung’s Tab 10.1, will be handling the case.  The proceedings will continue November 4, and a full hearing will follow.