Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Samsung Realizes Its Mistake: Drops iPhone 4S Patent Lawsuit

Samsung has just realized that they have taken the wrong patent infringement lawsuit in the court against Apple’s newly launched iPhone 4S in Germany regarding the infringement of 3G patents in iPhone 4S. Samsung has just dropped their lawsuit against Apple in Germany for the ban on iPhone 4S sales, after discovering that Apple had already fixed the broken edge of their innovation with Qualcomm and licensed the use of technology in iPhone 4S. The discovered patent deal reveals that the use of patent is licensed and can easily shield in the latest iPhone 4S in the courtroom.

While sorting out the confusion in patent details, the Korean tech giant claimed that they will not allow Apple to use their technology without fixing the matter with us, or lose the mayor-ship of selling luxurious smartphones on the world. The famous FOSS Patents expert Mueller has tweeted on the matter and added the couple of information in the on-going drama between Apple and Samsung. He noted, “Samsung has formally given up attacking the iPhone 4S with 3G Patents. Recognizes Apple is licensed thru [sic] Qualcomm”.

In other courtrooms around the world, Apple has been suffering from the bad luck time, as they have recently lost an infringement lawsuit against Motorola in Germany, which going to be a real pain in their neck. The court had already made a decision in the favor of Motorola Mobility and ordered to stop selling iOS devices that infringe the patent in the Germany. The patent expert quotes earlier this month that Apple can remove the tech from their iPhone 4S and launch it again in the Germany to get back the permit of selling iOS devices in the country. Well, it would be a tough for Apple to again launch the device and remove the use of the technology from the throat of iPhone network.