Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Samsung Is Continuously Hitting Apple With Media Power

The stuff is getting more and more strong rather not that much. Samsung continuously is trying to point Apple with random ways of media communication. First on from months they have been pushing advertisements regarding the super dipper Galaxy SII which actually was in every ones hand before the release of iPhone 4S, the specs of it was ridiculous but the fight for the patents between iPad and Galaxy Tab was still there and is still running on but in some countries it’s over but Samsung should not act like a kid, be practical folks.

This was when last week Apple lost the patent fight in Australia a the court claimed that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is not the copy of Apples iPad and then the hot air blowed for Samsung and the Galaxy Tab finally started to sell in Australia. This image is from Sun-Herald newspaper in which Samsung has advert that Galaxy Tab is the tab which Apple actually was trying to stop.

The Tablet Apple Tried To Stop.

So nothing much can be said on this case because as we see in past Samsung has been shipping flash memories and display to Apple yet now Apple due to the patent fight has decided to buy an Israeli based flash drive company named “Anobit” for about 400 to 500 million dollars so lets watch what’s next !