Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Samsung, HTC, LG Delays New Device Launch Due To iPhone 4S Fame

Apple has already been making new records with the launch of their revised look device iPhone 4S with Siri in the general public; the Cupertino-based company recently once again beat its biggest rival Samsung in the market by snatching world’s biggest vendor title again from it. However, Apple and Samsung war is a very long story, which contains on thousands of pages, and more than 2 dozen patent infringement cases each other.

According to a new sneak peak of the market, we come across to know that global vendors like Samsung, Nokia, HTC and LG are bit ready to launch their new devices in the public, but they are all delaying the launch of the devices in the public, and waiting for the end of iPhone 4S hype from the market. The global vendors, including the Samsung is delaying the new devices launch to second quarter of 2012, to avoid the direct competition of their new device with Apple’s iPhone 4S. Apple has already smashed the launches of the couple of new Android powered devices from Samsung and other vendors, and now they are waiting for the end of iPhone 4S fame.

The report comes from the desk of Digitimes, and suggests as “Mainly due to hot sales of the iPhone 4S, Apple recorded the largest global smartphone market share of 23.9% in the fourth quarter of 2011, followed by Samsung with 23.5% and Nokia with 12.6%,” the market analyst publisher sources updated them about the current going delay policy for the launch of newer devices The other global vendors reportedly facing problems in the market while introducing new devices, as the iPhone 4S sales remain at peak in the first quarter of 2012, along with the launch of newer devices from other vendors.

Samsung, HTC, Nokia and LG are all expected to unveil new smartphone models this year’s Mobile World Congress on February 27th, but devices supposedly won’t begin rolling out until the second quarter.