Wed. May 25th, 2022

Samsung Galaxy TAB And iPhone Banned All Over The Security Agecies / Establishments In Saudi Arabia

Don’t panic because we didn’t said anything till yet ! Folk’s you should not be terrified because this is just a ban and only for the guy’s working around the Saudi Agencies, Establishment’s and other similar offices. The iPhone nor Galaxy TAB is banned for any one outside these offices and also not for them who work inside because we guess they should be able to use out side the offices, isn’t ?

Well it’sn not a matter of punishment because at least the Ministry of Interior cares about the securness of their people and should be highly appreciated though it was by several Saudi IT specialist. One of them was Talha Jarad told Al Arabiya that

Each organization should have its own criteria to prescribe what is allowable and what is not from gadgets pertinent to the security of its information. Securing information is highly dependable on what such organizations decide and in respect to the volume of risks related to the use of such equipment inside their outlets

I hope many of you may know that this is not the first time the ban has took place in the world. It  has taken place in America and in many several European countries.

The reason claimed is the open source by which hacking and many other several unsecure operations can take place. Asharq Al Awsat

The Saudi Interior Ministry has banned the use of iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in the kingdom’s security establishments because these devices are unsecure and can easily be hacked.

Well debating that iOS is an open source or not will be an insult because eveyone knows Apple is a closed sources and Android is an open source OS.

And at last there is some still time left because the ban starts from the coming Saturday (23rd July 2011).