Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S, S II Sales Banned In EU, Apple Wins

In the ongoing patent infringement war between Apple and Samsung, we have noticed last week from the order of Dutch court that Judge is also on the side of Apple and little bit agree with the claims of Apple over Samsung, if you don’t know. Apple filed a complaint in Dutch Court regarding the complete ban of Samsung Galaxy S series product in all over European Union. In the first hearing, judge delayed the case and set the date of the case to September 15, but now it is reported by FOSS Patents that the case has been ruled in the favor of Apple before the announced date, and Judge has banned the Samsung Galaxy S series all over the EU, but not including tablets only smartphones. The ban will apply on Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Ace phones.


But as reported by the source, the Judge didn’t completely agrees with Apple’s claims and also with provided evidences, which include many big features which Samsung had copied from the Apple’s iOS devices designs and functionality. Judge only founds out that and agreed on it that Samsung is copying swiping gestures and therefore he banned the Samsung Galaxy S series.