Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S III Pics, Full Features, Specification & Availability

If Apple is to challenge some Smartphone to compete against its iPhone 5, then the Samsung Galaxy S III is the true rival for the iPhone model. Both the phones stand head to head against each other, leaving the customers perplexed as to which one to opt for and which one will be the better pick.

Why S3 will be the rival to iPhone?

As Samsung has enjoyed much success with its Note, it is actually the Galaxy SIII that won much praise and applause from the customers as well as critics even before it was launched. It is expected that the Galaxy S phone will be the true and real competitor of iPhone and will be there with 4.8 inches of Super AMOLED touch screen display. The phone will further provide the aspect ratio 16:9 as well as support full HD 1080p videos.

Features of the Galaxy SIII

The Galaxy S 3 is in fact bound to be powered by the dual core processor however there are rumors as to the fact that the handset may be there with quad core chipset as well.

The whole Internet world is filled with the rumors and expectations that Galaxy S3 will have the best of features. It is further believed that the Exynos quad core processor will be there with improved and enhanced video abilities, better screen size and may be the 12 MP camera along with NFC chip for the data exchanges. Also, the phone will be running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Apple vs. Samsung

As Apple’s iPad supports the 4G LTE, iPhone 5 is expected to support this same feature. So, how the largest rival of iPhone can be left behind. It is thus well assured that the Galaxy SIII will also have 4G LTE.

More so, it is expected and rumored that the Galaxy S3 will have 32 GB storage and the 2GB RAM. This will thus make the handset work faster and better. There are some features that are hoped to be there in the Galaxy S phone as well. These include ISO photography, OLED screen and the TouchWiz mini applications that put the social networking at your fingertips.

Samsung Galaxy S3: tough rival

In other words, Samsung Galaxy S3 will surely be the best and top Android Smartphone that will be giving a tough competition to iPhone. The handset has already gained much popularity and demand and will surely create history in the gadget and technology market.

With no other solid handset to come soon with iPhone, it is Samsung Galaxy SIII that will play a neck to neck competition against the Apple model.


As mentioned below Galaxy S III is gonna launched on 29th May in USA.


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