Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S III HSPA+ Launch In May, While 4G In Summer

Samsung has just announced its next upcoming flagship Galaxy S III, in front of media today. The Korean company has just shown up its most leaked and rumored phone in the market as the biggest competitor against the Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5. But, what can you actually get your hands on the flagship Samsung Galaxy S III? The device is said to be come in both HSPA+ and 4G network flavors, as the Samsung is completely in a way to protect itself from the international watchdogs against their devices.

The device is appeared to be non-interesting for many users, as most of the geeks are yet to touch the device, but surely a day after the announcement, many big techie geeks found the phone in their hands to review the handset before the launch of the device. The Samsung Galaxy S III is featuring all the basic features that Apple said to be giving the next-generation iPhone and iPad users, even the Korean Company has also copied the “The Next ___” slogan from Apple, and used it for the “The Next Galaxy” on Samsung Galaxy S 3 launch event.
Galaxy S III Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S III is finally here, but when you get your hands on the device? The answer to your question is pretty simple, as the Korean folks have just announced to their closest sources and partners that the device will be rolled out in Europe in somewhere in May with HSPA+ flavor, while the other users who are looking for the next-generation 4G network on their phone with full compatibility in North America, Japan, and Korea has to wait a bit more, as the company is planning to launch the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G in the summer, somewhere in June, nearer to the Apple’s next-generation iPhone announcement.

According to the Samsung, the new Samsung Galaxy S III 4G and HSPA+ will be rolled out to some 296 mobile operators around the world in 145 countries, and the company is seemed to be in hurry with the launch of the Galaxy S III, as we can feel that Samsung is feeling unsecured from the Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5, and want to make, what they can make before the iPhone launch.